Jan Phillips in Liberia, December 2013


Fabulous friend and FFW Founding Member Jan Phillips came to Liberia in December 2013 to document our seven years of work there as a gift to us!   We are so grateful Jan!



"I went to Liberia to help document the amazing work the Foundation for Women is doing over there.

As a founding member, I have been supporting the work for fifteen years—both locally and globally.

Being with the women whose lives have been radically improved by their association with the Foundation was an incredible opportunity. I saw first-hand what a huge difference a little support makes and what a vast network of support the Foundation is growing over there.

It was a joy to behold!"

- Jan Phillips,






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Who We Are

The Foundation for Women is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the support of women in poverty.  FFW gives microfinance loans to help women start businesses, educate themselves and their children, and create a new life for themselves and their families.  FFW is currently operating microfinance programs in San Diego and in Liberia, Africa.

The Foundation has also created and funded microfinance programs in countries including India, Zambia, and Niger.

FFW is a registered and established NGO (non-governmental organization) in San Diego and Liberia.  The Foundation for Women’s microfinance programs have helped more than 300,000 women work their way out of poverty.


The Foundation for Women is committed to ending poverty through microfinance.


The Foundation for Women is making a difference in communities with compassion, integrity, commitment and joy.