Today is Our Birthday! 

Take a look at all we've accomplished together! Today is the Foundation for Women's birthday.

This first program was 16 years ago and drew hundreds of women together
to begin our community connection and service.


Please take a moment today, April 23rd which is our official birthday,
to reflect on all the special connections and service
accomplishments that have been made possible because of our community:

The dear and special friendships as we connected in service.
Tamil Nadu India
Tamil Nadu India 2

The first program we funded beginning in 1997 in Tamil Nadu, India has grown 
from 100 initial microcredit borrowers to 1.2 million today!
The school we built outside of Trichy in India in 2004 has grown from our first 
ten classrooms to a four-story institution with the best of the best for the poorest
of the poor and has provided education to thousands of students.
Our support to the Power of Love Foundation brought microcredit to hospice
workers in a HIV-Aids program in Zambia.

Zambia 2

Our support to a program in South Africa brought microcredit 
to children who are heads of households due to aids deaths
in their families; initially 22 girls and 17 boys received loans,
the first of its
kind program on the planet.

In collaboration with our former US Ambassador 
to Niger, we supported microcredit
to women
living in the poorest country on the planet,
Niger in West Africa.
San Diego

In 2005 we launched a pilot program 
in our own communityof San Diego
in support
of the 250,000 women living below
the US poverty level.
Since that launch we
have touched more than 5000 lives and
funded a half a million dollars
in fifteen
different communities in San Diego.
In 2007 we began funding and operating a microcredit program 
in Liberia in support of the first newly-elected woman President
on the African continent.
To date we have given more than 10,000 women access to capital in more
than 250 communities.
Together we have accomplished much,
more than any of us could have done individually.
So it is gratitude that we focus on this April birthday month;
so much good accomplished in so many places.

All thanks to you - you the Foundation for Women community
of donors and volunteers and believers.

I bow to each of you with tremendous appreciation and love,




Deborah Lindholm



Get Involved

In order for the Foundation for Women to succeed in granting impoverished women microfinance loans, our organization is heavily dependent on the generosity and involvement of our communities. Our foundation provides a number of ways for interested community members to get involved in the fight to alleviate poverty among women, including coffee purchases, hosting parties, volunteering, donations, and spreading the word.

Each and every contribution to the Foundation for Women results in a woman's dreams becoming closer to reality. The success of our foundation relies on our community's willingness to help in the effort to reduce poverty among women, while empowering them to become successful business women in their communities. By becoming involved with our foundation, you will be able to help women all over the world accomplish goals they would have not otherwise been able to do.



The Foundation for Women is committed to ending poverty through microfinance.


The Foundation for Women is making a difference in communities with compassion, integrity, commitment and joy.